The Author of the Spirit, Second Edition

A step-by-step course to lead you into becoming, not just someone who writes, but a writer.

The Author of the Spirit, Second Edition, consists of six modules filled with practical information to help you recognize and use your gift of writing.

Learn how to fly over the gap that hinders you, and allow your words to be filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit.


Course includes:

Finding Your Voice: how to write like yourself, not C.S. Lewis or Jane Austin, and why God chose multiple people to write down His Word.

Writing from the heart: why the Lord wants to say something through you and only you.

Character development: the importance of spiritual development in characters and what readers can learn through them.

Tools to help you create believable, memorable characters. How to bring your characters to a moment of choice, and what makes a hero.

Show, don’t tell: the difference between telling what happened, and allowing your reader to smell the coffee in the cup the character is holding.

The anatomy of a scene: placing your character in a situation where he or she must make a choice.

Writers groups and critique partners; how to receive and give constructive feedback so you can grow in your gift.

Useful information about independent publishing resources and how you can get your book into print.

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